Bitcoin Prime Review 2022 – Honest Review by Trader

We have been aware of many websites that make use of false endorsements from celebrities to direct customers to brokers who are not regulated, or call centers. Our website only refers customers to partners that have given us the required assurances from the regulators. This is a promotional offer and our partners who are regulated will provide information about the services they provide after registration.

Bitcoin Prime is an cryptocurrency trading bot which automatically purchases and then sells bitcoin in the name of clients. Once it is set up, the AI-powered software implements trading strategies with no human involvement.

Globally, traders see trading bots as a means to turn trading into an income stream that is passive.

This Bitcoin Prime review dives into the trading bot, the best way to utilize it as well as its pros and cons, aspects to take into consideration prior to making use of it, whether the bot is legitimate and how to start.

Our Investigation Result: Bitcoin prime seems legitimate!

After conducting exhaustive research and studies and research, we are able to conclude that Bitcoin Prime is an authentic cryptocurrency trading platform. All statements made by the platform seem to be correct.

If you’re keen on signing up for a no-cost account with Bitcoin Prime, then use this link to begin and an account manager will guide you through the steps.

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Bitcoin Prime Summary

Minimum Deposit $250 or EUR250
Fees and Commission 2.2% tax levied on profit accounts
Claimed Success Rate 90%
Supported Cryptocurrencies More than 70 CFD pairs (only CFDs)
Deposit and Withdrawal Fees No deposit fee Up to 10 withdrawals free per month
Trading Platform Desktop
Demo Account Yes, demo mode
Verification Yes. ID and evidence of address
Regulations Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC)

TABLE OF CONTENTS Our Investigation Result: Bitcoin prime seems legitimate! Bitcoin Prime Summary What Is Bitcoin Prime? Who Created Bitcoin Prime? How Does Bitcoin Prime Work? Pros & Cons Bitcoin Prime Key Features Trade in 3 simple steps Factors to Consider Before Using Bitcoin Prime How Does Bitcoin Prime Compare? Is Bitcoin Prime Legit? Is Bitcoin Prime Safe? 6 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Prime for Trading Best Way to Trade With Bitcoin Prime Trading Strategies and Algorithms Has Bitcoin Prime Ever Appeared On TV? Has Bitcoin Prime Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity? Tips for Using Bitcoin Prime Safely and Managing Risk How to Use Bitcoin Prime – Step-by-Step Guide Bitcoin Prime Assets, Market, and Options Can I Use Bitcoin Prime in my Country? Bitcoin Prime Review – Final Thoughts Review Methodology Alternative Crypto Robots Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is a trading bot that claims to provide the most convenient and safe trading in cryptocurrency for thousands of novice investors as well as experienced professionals.

It’s driven with the AI algorithm that analyzes price patterns, observes developments in the news, anticipates most profitable times to buy and sell and then executes trades within a split second which benefit from price changes.

The bot cooperates with licensed brokers to enforce stop loss and profit limits, and also access funds of users. Once it is set up, Bitcoin Prime will run in the background without interruption which makes trading a passive income stream.

Who Created Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is reportedly created by former Wall Street traders with more than 10 years of trading experience with major financial institutions and on different financial markets.

Over the past 3 years, they have redesigned the algorithm that powers this app. Bitcoin Prime app to enable all users to invest in cryptocurrency just like an experienced trader. According to the Bitcoin Prime team it is built on the secret strategies employed by banks to make billions of dollars of profits.

At the time that Bitcoin Prime first launched, it was in the testing phase for more than 12 months. Following its success in the news across the world, the version for consumers was launched and has been a hit with thousands of users over the past couple of years, enabling users to earn a second income and gain financial security.

How Does Bitcoin Prime Work?

Bitcoin Prime uses machine learning algorithms to analyze massive price data sets to identify patterns and trends that are recurring. When it finds the pattern it is locked into and executes successful trades whenever the pattern is repeated.

The bot for trading connects to an intermediary broker and relays trade instructions to them via its trading platform. For instance, at an appropriate price the bot will relay instructions for the broker to buy BTC and then send another request to sell it once the price has risen to a set amount.

In the event that the business is successful and the rate occurs 90 percent of the time, according to the majority of third-party reviews, a two commission of 2% is charged on the profits earned. In the event that it is not profitable, there’s no cost is charged.

To ensure security, Bitcoin Prime never stores the money of its users. Instead, it collaborates with third-party broker partners to trade and access the funds. It also collaborates with brokers that are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission to make sure that funds are kept within a controlled environment.

If users decide to withdraw funds, they are able to withdraw within 24 hours after making a withdrawal request.

Bitcoin Prime

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Pros & Cons


  • When compared with other bots, Bitcoin Prime reportedly offers a greater rate of success in trading
  • user-friendly interface that allows for quick sign-up and authentication
  • It has both the automated and manual trading modes
  • Includes an inbuilt demo account that can be used to practice trading and the UI to familiarize yourself with
  • The customer service department is accessible and ready to help all hours of the day,
  • Completely free trading , with no hidden fees or costs.
  • Fast and simple withdrawals 24 hours a day


  • Certain of the features could be risky for traders who are new
  • The minimum amount of working capital required is $250. could be a hurdle for some people.

Bitcoin Prime Key Features

Demo mode

Demo mode is a good option for those looking to test the software before they commit money. Users who are experienced can also utilize it to study and improve trading strategies prior to applying them to real cash.

Customer support

Bitcoin Prime has a customer support team available to assist users with any issues that may arise, as well as to assist users in setting up their accounts. Contact them via email all day, 7 days per week.

The number of cryptos that are readily available

Bitcoin Prime trades 14 cryptocurrencies and more than 70 CFD pairs that originate from those cryptocurrency’s underlying. The cryptos included are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, EOS, NEO, and IOTA.

The bot that trades does not trade the cryptos used in the trading it only trades CFDs made from trading pairs of them as well as fiat currencies.

High Trade Success Rate

It is the Bitcoin Prime algorithm has gone through numerous improvements over time. It’s now an advanced algorithm that can be influenced by the market’s trends and can react effectively. Third-party reviews estimate its rate of success at 90 percent.

Easy and Quick Withdrawals

The platform for trading in cryptos allows you to cash out your funds at any time you wish. The payment is processed within 24 hours after filling out the withdrawal form. You are entitled to up to 10 withdrawals for free each calendar month, after which you have to pay a one percent withdrawal fee.

Zero fee structure

It is the Bitcoin Prime trading software is completely free to use. There aren’t any fees for accounts that are not disclosed. You only pay for successful trades.

Begin Trading in just 3 simple steps

Open a Free Account

You will need to sign-up for an account by providing your name, address, phone number as well as your email address. country of residency.

Make a Deposit

The minimum amount you must put in is 250. To deposit your money, log to your account and search for the option „deposit.

Start Trading

Determine the parameters for trading and preferences , including stop loss and limit on profits to reduce risk.

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Factors to Consider Before Using Bitcoin Prime

When you sign to sign up to sign up for an account with Bitcoin Prime account, ensure that the rules and processes do not hinder your use at any time in the near future. We looked at metrics that provide an accurate representation of how the Bitcoin Prime processes work in practice. We also calculated an overall score of five for each of the categories.

Payouts: 4/5

The payouts are made relatively fast typically just 24hrs after request. All you have to do is fill in the withdrawal form and then wait for your money to reach the brokerage account.

Verification System: 4/5

Every new account must be authenticated. It is necessary to have ID documents such as an ID card for drivers, a Bank statement, utility bill, or other document to confirm your account following registration.

Costs and Fees: 5/5

When you use traditional Bitcoin trading platforms and services they have to be concerned about a variety of costs associated with transactions, such as commissions or withdrawal fees, storage costs and other charges. This is not the situation when you use Bitcoin Prime as it offers an entirely free trading experience without hidden charges aside of the clear commission fee.

Trading Fees 2.2% of profit-making accounts
Deposit Fees None
Withdrawal Fees 1% after 10 withdrawals within a month
Account Fees None

Bitcoin Prime doesn’t charge account management fees, trading charges deposits, withdrawals, or charges. But accounts that are profitable are subject to a 2% fee on profits. If your account hasn’t turned an income at this point, you won’t be any commission.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits and Methods

In order to begin using Bitcoin Prime, to begin using Bitcoin Prime trade platform, users have to make a minimum deposit of EUR250. You can make deposits via debit or credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. When it comes to withdrawals, there’s no minimum amount but you will be charged an additional 1% after 10 withdrawals for free in one month.

User Testimonials: 4/5

Third-party independent reviews are a good method of evaluating the quality of services prior to engaging with the services of. Bitcoin Prime robot has hundreds of user reviews from various platforms, confirming the product as a trustworthy trading bot. It’s clear that many who have used the bot to earn consistently high profit.

Customer Service: 5/5

Customer support for Bitcoin Prime can be reached 24 hours a day via email. Agents are available to help you set up your account and resolve any issues that you might encounter.

Affiliated Brokers: 4/5

When you sign up for the Bitcoin Prime account, you have the option of choosing from a selection of affiliate brokers. These are reputable cryptocurrency brokers that have an extensive history of success on the market for cryptocurrency. They are also licensed.

How Does Bitcoin Prime Compare?

The main factor in determining the performance of trading robots is how efficient the algorithm they use is. With a success rate of 95 percent, Bitcoin Prime claims it’s one of the top when among the other popular cryptocurrency robots. It’s a great choice for traders who need to keep a minimum interaction to the interface for trading.

Other robots, such as Immediate Edge and Bitcoin Up provide a similar automated experience, however Bitcoin Prime’s algorithm is superior to.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legit?

Because Bitcoin Prime is an automated trading bot, with numerous claims of the profitability of its trading, we had to verify that it was legitimate.

Real Satisfied Users

We have reviewed genuine reviews written by hundreds of customers who have used Bitcoin Prime to trade in the past couple of years. According to reviewers, it can take a few weeks to become comfortable with the platform, however perseverance and persistence will result in sustainable earnings.

Accessible Customer Service

We contacted the customer service department of Bitcoin Prime on three different occasions, and were able to contact an individual customer service representative each time. We were satisfied with their response and received a warm and welcoming manner.

Based on our research upon analyzing the internet for reviews, and feedbacks from customers on it seems to be a dependable trading bot that is simple to use by new traders.

Is Bitcoin Prime Safe?

Bitcoin Prime is as safe as a bot for trading could be. The client’s funds are secure as they are held by a third-party broker. You can also establish a limits through your broker to ensure appropriate risk management.

When you sign for this trading site, you will be directed to a registered broker, to whom you provide the proof of address documentation. Bitcoin Prime works with that broker to conduct trades. This means that your financial information remains with the broker and not with the trading bot.

There are no reports of data breaches, or the loss of funds as a result of security flaws.

6 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Prime for Trading

Here are some good reasons to consider using Bitcoin Prime for trading:

Trade faster

Bitcoin Prime can set and perform orders in fractions of seconds. It is able to detect patterns and trends that might not be visible to humans as well as process more information in less than humans could given an entire week. A trading bot provides the speed that is difficult humans could do by themselves.

Trade without emotion

Bitcoin Prime will execute a established strategy that is described. It isn’t impacted by negative emotions, and it doesn’t have to build up the courage to remain focused in a bullish market, nor do it have to hold onto certain pairs since it is in secretly supporting the Bitcoin Prime. Trading in bots is founded upon math as well as hard data and strategies.

Trade 24/7

Bitcoin Prime runs 24/7. It doesn’t tire or get confused, so you can implement your strategy even when you’re sleeping. Since the crypto market is always open, there are many opportunities to money.

Manage risk

You can put in place strict risk management guidelines to minimize loss while maximizing profits. Additionally, since you can check the success rate of a strategy by using a demo account you can determine beforehand your profits prior to trading.

Maximise arbitrage opportunities

With trading that is sub-second accessible You can benefit of market inefficiencies which would have been otherwise unobtainable to you. It is possible to program the bot to analyze the price of a particular coin, such as Bitcoin over several exchanges, and profit of any differences.

Various payment methods accepted

Bitcoin Prime accepts deposits in major fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR via payment channels including bank transfers credit and debit cards, as well as electronic wallets such as PayPal.

Best Way to Trade With Bitcoin Prime

In case you’re just beginning to learn about Bitcoin Prime, the best option to start trading is to use an account that is demo. Demo accounts let you learn about Bitcoin Prime’s UI in a secure environment and try out your trading and investment strategies without putting money in the account.

As a novice Bitcoin trader is a good idea to use the automated mode rather than opting for manual mode. The auto mode will require you to enter your trading preferences and establish some limits. Be sure to set your stop loss as well as profit limits to enable you to control your risk.

Conventional trading involves you buying financial instruments like CFDs for trading Bitcoin. This is a long and tedious process since you need to make decisions based on something you don’t know and can be a difficult experience for novice traders who do not have much experience in trading or cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Prime solves this problem because all you need to do is set the parameters for trading. The bot performs the analytical analysis and execution of orders for you.

Trading Strategies and Algorithms

Automated Trading

The Bitcoin Prime automated mode is able to trade 24/7 in accordance with your plan. All you have to do is to set your parameters , then deploy and the bot will take care of all the rest.

News and Trend

The news, such as interest rates and inflation figures influence the market, leading to extreme volatility that could end up being disastrous if risk management isn’t put in place. Bitcoin Prime responds quickly to these developments and makes the most of them.

Arbitrage Trading

Bitcoin Prime can scan the price of supported cryptocurrency across different exchanges in order to profit of price variations. Since trades are completed within a small amount of time and users are able to make huge profits from arbitrage.