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What is Bitcoin Era all about?

For many, it is a desire and a dream to earn thousands of dollars with passive income. Only a few people can resist it and are therefore interested in it. Since there are already many success stories about trading Bitcoins online, it was only a matter of time before investment opportunities in crypto trading would emerge.
Bitcoin Era is a bot that specialises in cryptocurrencies and can turn dreams into reality for potential investors. This is made possible for investors with a minimum deposit of 250 dollars. It makes no difference whether you are a student, freelancer or self-employed. You can simply start with the minimum deposit and open a free account with Bitcoin Era.
As a customer, you naturally ask yourself whether the offer is serious and the platform works. We want to go into all these questions in more detail here!

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What is Bitcoin Era all about?

Bitcoin Era is an automated bot that was developed specifically for automated trading. This can be used to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Considering that Bitcoin is the undisputed number one of all cryptocurrencies, it is a good choice for investors to use this option.
On Bitcoin Era’s website, there are countless testimonials showing that some investors earned up to $10,000 within the first few hours of trading. The sign up process is very simple and after you have already made your first deposit, you can start making daily profits with the crypto bot.

Features & How it works

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Which team is behind Bitcoin Era?

The development team is not known, but this has no influence on the quality of the software. The renowned broker Pro Capital Markets is one of many brokers working with Bitcoin Era. This broker is one of the best on the market.

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Opinion on Bitcoin Era

Since I never dealt with cryptocurrencies, I didn’t know much about trading. So I always thought that cryptocurrencies were just fictitious money that didn’t really exist. Suddenly I was made aware of Bitcoin Era and thought I would give it a try. All I can say is that it really works! I couldn’t explain why I hadn’t heard about this platform before. Today I can concentrate on my children and only have to spend less than an hour a day on the trading software. Since then, I have only lived off my profits, which is simply fabulous!

All advantages and disadvantages at a glance


*) Fast payouts: All payouts are made quickly and the simple processing is a big advantage.
*) Automated trading: According to Bitcoin Era, customers don’t have to spend more than 20 minutes a day on the software. You only have to keep an eye on your account balance and adjust the investments if necessary. Everything else is done automatically by the software.
*) Daily profits: Every user who uses this software can expect an average daily profit of 1100 dollars.
*) Good reputation: The bot has very good ratings and is especially known for its accuracy and precision.


There is no mobile app for Bitcoin Era yet!

The conclusion

Bitcoin Era is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art web-based platform that allows every user to make good profits on a daily basis. The efficiency of trading, is always ensured with the latest technology for users. This gives him a great help to maximise the profits.
Therefore, the testimonials are consistently positive. Therefore, it is very likely that more and more people will sign up and benefit from this trading help.

How does Bitcoin Era work compared to other bots?

Bitcoin Era is by far one of the most reliable trading bots available on the market. Investors will hardly find a better software than this one at the moment. For this reason, Bitcoin Era is one of the most reliable and best trading systems and can be highly recommended.

Trader Mati Greenspan Bullish auf Bitcoin als BTC versucht, 9.000 $ zurückzuerobern

Bitcoin versucht, das 9.000-Dollar-Niveau zu durchbrechen und seinen siegreichen Marsch in Richtung 10.000 Dollar fortzusetzen.

In der Zwischenzeit verbreitet der Handelsexperte Mati Greenspan die Nachricht, dass die Flaggschiff-Krypto bullisch werden soll, da BTC am Wochenende Unterstützung erhalten hat.

Eine weitere gute Nachricht ist, dass das Bitcoin-Transaktionsvolumen in den letzten vierundzwanzig Stunden um fast 120 Prozent gestiegen ist.

Mati Greenspan ist heute optimistisch in Bezug auf Bitcoin

Der Gründer von Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, sagte gegenüber Crypto Twitter, dass er heute bei Bitcoin Profit optimistisch ist, da der König Crypto über das Wochenende Unterstützung hielt.

Jetzt versucht Bitcoin, seine Position über dem Widerstand von 9.000 USD wiederherzustellen. Laut Greenspans Chart bewegt sich Bitcoin immer noch im Aufwärtstrend.

Vor kurzem fiel BTC plötzlich von unter 10.000 USD auf 9.300 USD, nachdem ein anonymer Besitzer einer frühen BTC-Brieftasche 50 BTC an eine große Krypto-Börse verlegt hatte. Viele in der Gemeinde dachten, es sei Satoshi Nakamoto selbst, aber andere schienen zu glauben, es sei nur ein früher Bitcoin-Bergmann.

BTC fiel später unter 9.000 USD und Bullen geben jetzt ihr Bestes, um den Preis wieder nach oben zu treiben.

Zuvor hatte die Analyseagentur Glassnode die Schlussfolgerung geteilt, dass der BTC-Preis bald unter die Kontrolle von Bären geraten und weiter sinken könnte, wenn sich die Fundamentaldaten in der Kette nicht verbessern.

Sie haben erklärt, dass der BNE-Index, der den Gesamtzustand der BTC-Kette misst, auf 60 gefallen ist.

Bitcoin Revolution bietet ab jetzt mehr

Das Bitcoin-Transaktionsvolumen ist um 115,8% gestiegen

Glassnode hat auch einige positive Nachrichten veröffentlicht, die besagen, dass das Volumen der Kryptotransfers mit Bitcoin in den letzten vierundzwanzig Stunden um mehr als 115 Prozent gestiegen ist.