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USDC Overpowers USDT: Transfer Volume Reaches $15 Billion

• USDC has more transfer volume than USDT, according to Glassnode data.
• After the FTX collapse, USDC’s exchange balance has grown and is now approaching $5 billion.
• The disparity between USDC and USDT transfer volume was not always like this, with USDT’s volume outperforming USDC in 2020 and 2021.

After the collapse of FTX back in 2022, investors have been increasingly wary of centralized crypto entities and have preferred to invest in Circle’s USD Coin (USDC) over Tether’s USDT. Data from Glassnode shows that USDC’s transfer volume is currently at $15 billion, while USDT’s transfer volume stands at $3 billion, a difference of $7 trillion.

The disparity between USDC and USDT’s transfer volume was not always so great. In fact, during 2020 and early 2021, USDT’s transfer volume was higher than USDC’s. This changed in 2022, when the USDT was subject to increased regulatory scrutiny due to concerns about its reserves and the collapse of Terra’s LUNA, which sparked fears that the stablecoin could lose its Dollar peg.

The USDC on exchanges has grown since the FTX collapse and is now approaching $5 billion. This suggests that USDC is enjoying more adoption post-FTX. Investors may be more confident in investing in USDC as it is backed by Circle, a well-established financial services company, and its reserves are regularly audited by Grant Thornton.

It is clear that USDC is becoming a more popular choice for investors who want to stay on the safe side while investing in cryptocurrency. This is especially true with the increased regulatory scrutiny that USDT is facing. As the dust settles, it remains to be seen which stablecoin will come out on top.

Juno Advises Users to Self-Custody or Sell Crypto Assets Amid Uncertainty

• Juno, a crypto firm, advised its customers to self-custody or sell their crypto assets due to uncertainty with its crypto partner.
• The firm does not take personal custody of its users‘ assets but relies on its crypto partner, which is speculated to be Wyre.
• Juno has disabled its crypto-buying feature and has automatically converted stablecoins in its users‘ wallets to USD.

Juno, a cryptocurrency firm, has recently advised its customers to self-custody or sell their crypto assets due to uncertainty with its crypto partner. The firm made this announcement via a Twitter thread on January 4th. It is believed that the crypto partner in question is Wyre, due to recent reports stating that the CEO of Wyre, Ioannis Giannaros, had informed employees that the crypto payments firm would be shutting its operations.

Juno does not take personal custody of its users‘ assets, thus the firm has disabled its crypto-buying feature and has automatically converted stablecoins in its users‘ wallets to USD. These funds can now be found in their FDIC-insured accounts and Juno has also said that it would reimburse any fees due to such conversion.

Due to the uncertainly surrounding the crypto partner, Juno strongly recommends that its users withdraw their crypto assets to a self-custody wallet or sell their crypto for cash in their Juno checking account. They noted that they had increased their crypto withdrawal limits for metal users in order to facilitate this.

Juno has also advised its customers to closely monitor their accounts and to check out their FAQs for any further updates or recommendations. They will also provide more details in the coming days as more information emerges.

It remains to be seen how this situation will play out, however it is clear that Juno is taking all the necessary steps to ensure its customers‘ assets remain safe and secure.

Flat Bitcoin Performance Predicted for 2023, Arcane Research Reports

• Bitcoin (BTC) experienced its second-worst year to date (YTD) in 2022 since launch, predicted to remain flat through 2023 according to Arcane Research.
• The crypto winter of 2022 was caused by tightening macro conditions and exacerbated by crypto-specific leverage and poor risk management.
• Bitcoin is expected to remain flat in 2023, but close the year at a higher price than it opened.

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a turbulent year in 2022, experiencing its second-worst YTD performance since launch. According to Arcane Research, the cryptocurrency is predicted to remain flat through 2023, with a better performance than the year before.

The downturn in 2022 was caused by multiple factors, including tightening macro conditions, crypto-specific leverage, and poor risk management by core market participants. The Federal Reserve’s effective funds rate rose from 0% to 4.25%, leading to a massive repricing of risk assets that all benefitted from easy money and a low-interest rate regime in late 2022 and throughout 2021.

In spite of the downward trend, Arcane Research predicts that Bitcoin will remain flat in 2023. However, the cryptocurrency is expected to close the year with a higher price than it opened. This would make it the longest-lasting Bitcoin drawdown ever.

It remains to be seen whether the predictions of Arcane Research will be accurate, but it is hoped that the cryptocurrency will experience a better performance this year. With the right market conditions, it is possible that Bitcoin could experience a rebound in 2023.

Investors should take caution when investing in cryptocurrencies and remain aware of the risks associated with the market. Despite the potential for gains, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market means that losses can occur just as easily. Therefore, it is important to understand the market and make informed decisions when investing.

CBDCs, Bitcoin e Libra podem coexistir, ex-governadora do RBI diz

Em 20 de agosto de 2020, Raghuram Rajan compartilhou observações positivas sobre o futuro do criptograma, afirmando que tanto o bitcoin quanto a Libra poderiam coexistir bem com as moedas digitais do banco central (CBDCs).

Rajan, o antigo governador do Banco Central da Índia (RBI), acredita que as três formas de moeda trazem algo diferente. Ele afirmou ainda que os sistemas financeiros deveriam adotar as moedas para evitar que qualquer ativo único estabeleça um monopólio.

Em entrevista à CNBC, Rajan afirmou que o Bitcoin Era e a Libra ainda podem encontrar um propósito no sistema internacional tradicional, mesmo quando os governos se apressam a emitir os CBDCs.

De acordo com o ex-chefe do RBI, o bitcoin tem recolhido imensa atenção dos investidores, particularmente como uma reserva de valor. A Libra, por outro lado, é mais adequada para transações de grande escala, pois é uma moeda estável apoiada por várias moedas fiat.

Portanto, tanto a Libra quanto o BTC poderiam oferecer uma concorrência saudável dos CBDCs, evitando que as moedas emitidas pelo governo se tornassem muito poderosas.

Por outro lado, Rajan explicou que as moedas digitais também requerem salvaguardas para evitar que gigantes tecnológicos como o Facebook exerçam uma tremenda influência sobre todo o sistema financeiro.

Os CBDCs vêm com preocupações com os dados

Rajan também lançou a ideia de que a falta de anonimato nas moedas emitidas pelo governo poderia colocar um problema.

O ex-chefe do RBI observou que os CBDCs vêm com muitos dados pessoais, o que levanta preocupações sobre se os bancos centrais e os governos devem ser confiáveis com eles.

Ele acrescentou que a beleza do dinheiro e de outras moedas baseadas na privacidade é que elas são anônimas e, portanto, servem para trazer alguma concorrência útil às moedas digitais do banco central.

„A realidade é que há muitos dados que serão gerados pelas moedas digitais que podem ser usados para o bem ou para o mal“. E, portanto, alguma competição é útil“, enfatizou ele.

BTC e Libra poderiam competir com moedas digitais soberanas

Rajan, que também foi economista-chefe do Fundo Monetário Internacional, vê um futuro onde Bitcoin e Libra competiriam com os CDBCs de diferentes maneiras.

Esta perspectiva é muito positiva para a comunidade criptográfica, especialmente de um ex-chefe do RBI. O Reserve Bank havia implementado anteriormente uma proibição total do criptograma na Índia.

Rajan acredita que os bancos centrais temem que moedas estáveis como a Libra possam deslocar várias moedas nacionais em todo o mundo.

Para conseguir a aceitação dos guardas financeiros, ele enfatizou que a Libra tem que oferecer maior clareza sobre seus planos. A moeda digital do Facebook também precisaria construir confiança sobre suas preocupações com privacidade.


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