Trump NFT Sales Volume Soars 461% Following Indictment

• Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s NFT collection saw a 461% sales volume increase following his indictment.
• The floor price of the NFTs rose 16%, and the market cap increased to $45.88 million.
• Trump has lashed out at the news of his indictment, calling it a „political persecution.“

Trump NFT Sales Volume Skyrockets Following Indictment

The recent news of former US President Donald Trump’s indictment has sent shockwaves through the political world, but it also appears to have had an unexpected effect on sales of his Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. According to data from CryptoSlam and OpenSea, Trump’s NFTs experienced a surge in sales volume in the last 24 hours, increasing by 461% to 185,783 USD and 244 ETH respectively. This was reflected in an increase in their floor price, which grew 16% to 0.568 ETH – roughly 1,019 USD.

Number of Transactions

CryptoSlam reported that 183 transactions were involved in the sale of Trump’s NFTs over the past 24 hours, while OpenSea reported 459 sales during this time period – although its sales volume dropped 41% to 244 ETH over this period. The market cap of these digital assets also increased by 16% to 25,560 ETH – $45.88 million – indicating strong interest from buyers despite the indictments against him.

Strong Performance Despite Indictment

Trump’s NFTs have enjoyed a starling year as interest in them has grown steadily throughout 2021 so far. CoinGecko data shows that between January 6th and February 13th this year their floor price went from a low of 0.145 ETH up to 0.675 ETH – its highest point so far this year – before dropping back down again since then; indicating strong overall performance even with the latest news about his indictment factored into account..

Trump Reacts To Indictment

In response to these developments Trump issued a statement on Truth Social accusing those behind his indictment of „attack[ing] our country“ and attempting to „undermine our once free and fair elections“. He further added that he felt unable to get a fair trial within New York due what he perceives as being politically motivated actions taken against him .

Arraignment Scheduled For Tuesday

According The Guardian reports indicate that Trump is expected appear for arraignment on Tuesday where he will be fingerprinted photographed and processed for arrest; marking another milestone event in what is shaping out be amongst one of the most controversial legal cases involving an ex-President ever seen before within America history